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ENDURALL sinks feature engineered stone using composite materials consisting of pulverised Dolomite mountain stone encapsulated by a proprietary resin. The outer layers consist of an impermeable nano coat that provides outstanding wear and appearance retention qualities. All ENDURALL sinks have a built-in overflow. 

  • Pleasing pure white gloss appearance 
  • Smooth to the touch and easy to keep clean
  • High impact resistance
  • Will not support bacterial growth
  • Remains stable in extreme temperatures 
  • ENDURALL sinks are cUPC approved

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Endurall Slim

ENDURALL Slim sinks have been specially designed to fit any vanity unit of our Decor collection. The combination of their light and thin appearance with the pure look of the composite material goes perfectly with all kinds of furniture styles and decors. 

About Endurall sinks

Endurall sinks are the most technologically advanced on the market. Designed and made in Europe, they go threw an ecological and energy efficient production process which is unique in bathroom sector. They highlight the unique properties of dolomite rock, which garanty comfort and ease of use.

Why choose Endurall composite sink?

Easy maintenance

Endurall composite has properties which make it stain resistant and compatible to all kinds of regular and natural cleaning agents.


Price List

August 1st, 2021

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