Limestone Block Sink | Solid Natural Stone | LPG 20"

*** For Ontario / Québec / USA ***
All items are sold exclusively thru plumbing showrooms (except maintenance products)

The distinguished Limestone block sink naturally marries colours and texture perfectly with your choice of fixtures and fittings.

    We have designed with you in mind. Unik Stone sinks will complement and transform your bathroom into a Spa-like retreat.

    • Extremely durable
    • Low maintenance
    • Compact
    • Low porosity allows easy installation - only a liquid sealant needed
    • Made from one solid block of limestone
    • Rarely seen unique product

    Sink :  
    Certification CUPC
    Country of origin (sink) China
    Sink installation Block
    Block thick 5,5 
    Number of sinks 1
    Sink material Limestone 
    Sink shape Square
    Sink depth (inches)  
    Sink lenght (inches) 18,125 
    Sink width (inches) 19,75
    Basin depth (inches)
    Basin lenght (inches) 12,125 
    Basin width (inches) 17,75
    Faucet included No
    Other informations :  
    Warrantly Up to five years
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    About Natural Stone

    The process behind
    the quality of our
    stone products

    Our natural stone products go through a careful quality control. They are each cut by professional craftsmen and their constitution ensures that every single piece is unique.

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    Our types of stone


    Limestone is a sedimentary rock resulting from the compression of minerals and sediments containing particles of calcium carbonate by the pressure of water for a million years. This stone is recognized for its elegance, warm appearance and ease of maintenance.


    Marble is a metamorphic rock that takes millions of years to form. It is the result of the recrystallization of calcite in limestone following conditions of intense heat and pressure. Marble is greatly prized for its refined aesthetic rendering, but also for its resistance to high temperatures.


    Our river stone products are made of granite and will bring a natural richness to your bathroom. Granite is a plutonic rock rich in quartz, mica and feldspar, resulting from the slow cooling of large masses of intrusive magma. Granite is recognized for its resistance to scratches, stains and for its aesthetic diversity.

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