Natural Stone

The natural stone,
Natural beauty FOR LIFE

Our natural stone sinks and shower bases are hand cut and made from massive blocks of rough stone quarried to the highest standards in the industry. Be part of the history of this timeless material and benefit from its exceptional properties and the closeness to nature it will bring to our bathroom. 

natural stone products

100% natural

Unique appearance

Carved from a
solid block stone

Superior durability
and resistance

Our types of stone


Limestone is a sedimentary rock resulting from the compression of minerals and sediments containing particles of calcium carbonate by the pressure of water for a million years. This stone is recognized for its elegance, warm appearance and ease of maintenance.


Marble is a metamorphic rock that takes millions of years to form. It is the result of the recrystallization of calcite in limestone following conditions of intense heat and pressure. Marble is greatly prized for its refined aesthetic rendering, but also for its resistance to high temperatures.


Our river stone products are made of granite and will bring a natural richness to your bathroom. Granite is a plutonic rock rich in quartz, mica and feldspar, resulting from the slow cooling of large masses of intrusive magma. Granite is recognized for its resistance to scratches, stains and for its aesthetic diversity.

The process behind
the quality of our
stone products

Our natural stone products go through a careful quality control. They are each cut by professional craftsmen and their constitution ensures that every single piece is unique.

Sinks and Vessels

Our series of sinks and vessels is the very essence of Unik Stone. Whether in block form or in its original natural form, the unique beauty and versatility of stone is valued at Unik Stone. It comes in a variety of styles to give you a range of choices that can match all types of decor.

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Shower bases

Some of the best on the market, our stunning Limestone and Ice Marble shower bases bring luxurious elegance to any bathroom decor. Our shower bases come with aluminum tiling flanges to ensure a tight and neat finish. Three lengths are included with each shower base.

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