Solid Wood


Comfort & Elegance,
Closer to Nature

Solid wood is filled with history. It is through its veining and grain that the beauty of this living material is captured. It grows around us, in our forests, and brings us comfort and well-being. It is by giving a second life to this noble material that we pay tribute to its beauty, its history and its exceptional properties.

Artisan Vanities

This collection of very high quality has found the perfect balance between the use of solid wood and natural stone for a result of breathtaking beauty. Admire the exceptional work of the artisans who shaped this collection.

solid wood products

Handcrafted by local cabinetmakers

Made of
solid wood

Compatible wood essences for bathroom use

High quality


Artisan Collection

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Artisan Collection

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Artisan Collection

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Artisan Collection

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The process behind the quality of our solid wood products

Our local craftsmen shape the wood by respecting the highest standards of quality and respect for cabinet-making methods to make quality products of exceptional beauty.

Our solid wood essences

black walnut

A high-value essence prized in the furniture industry for quality construction, black walnut is known for its hardness and considerable weight, but also for its rot resistance and low sensitivity to shrinkage and warping. It is distinguished by its particularly dark shade which brings a wealth of textures to any space.

White oak

White oak is distinguished by its fine and clear grain, which gives it an elegant and delicate appearance. Prized for its great natural durability, this species is harboured with exceptional density, strength and stability.


Essence perfectly suited to cabinetmaking, birch has a fine grain and is particularly recognized for its sober and refined appearance and its amber colour that accentuates over time. It offers good mechanical properties such as resistance to compression, traction and bending. By its appearance, it becomes an excellent choice to create bright spaces.

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