What is considered as normal variation in stone ?

All Unik Stone Inc. sinks and basins are made from natural stones (limestone, marble, etc.) that are quarried in blocks and individually converted to the finished sink.  The defining feature of the finished product is the basic character and veining structure of the respective stone that renders each item unique.  


In general, the various stone used by Unik Stone have a soft character marks with a moderate amount of gentle variation.  These markings are a natural result of the stone formation process and contribute to the individual character of each finished product.


While the Unik Stone products are made using low-porosity stone types, products should be sealed to ensure that the natural beauty of the stone is maintained.  Sealing should be done before initial use and periodically throughout the life of the product (every few years).  Sealing can also be carried out when minor scratches occur.  Please refer to our online video demonstration of how to seal a stone sink.


These stone products bring a timeless elegance to your bathroom that will have a contemporary feel for many years to come.  In general,

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